Hazelett Dock & Pier Anchoring

Installing a dock with a Hazelett Anchoring System offers several advantages over chain-held and conventional piling systems. Docks secured with chain will tend to wander at low tide when slack develops. Also, when the wave action is high, peak loading occurs at various chain connection points along the dock that can easily result in premature system failure.

Conversely, Hazelett elastic dock connections are under tension at low tide providing adequate force that stabilizes the dock in one position. As the tide comes in, the Hazelett System’s elastic rodes gradually stretch to provide even forces along all anchoring connections. Additionally, the elastic anchoring technology is also eco-friendly because it does not disturb seabeds.


Docks and piers supported with pile anchoring systems are not only expensive to install, but also require high maintenance that is both costly and disruptive. Firstly, the driving of pilings involves use of barges, heavy equipment and inefficient procedures that command pricy installation service fees. Secondly, maintaining a piling supported dock can be a major expense factor due to associated upkeep and replacement costs from piling breakage during icy winter conditions.

As testimony to the advantages of a Hazelett dock support system over piling use, Billy Pires, Yard Foreman at Marshall Marine Services in South Dartmouth, MA, says it all…

“Marshall Marine has enjoyed a long and trusting relationship with Pioneer Mooring. Our three docks were constructed with a piling support system customary to this area, however, ongoing maintenance costs and service disruptions were causing us problems.

Steve Gomes came up with a cost-saving solution using a Hazelett anchoring system instead of replacing expensive pilings sheared by ice flow that were in otherwise good condition. We proceeded cautiously, installing just one dock system at first, but after two years of zero breakage or maintenance, all of our docks are now secured with a Hazelett system.”


Traditional pile driving methodology requires a barge work platform that needs sufficient water depth from which to operate. Consequently, docks constructed within shallow water areas cannot utilize pilings as a support system. Pioneer custom dock installations incorporating a Hazelett Anchoring System provide safe and secure support regardless of shallow conditions.

Pioneer Mooring & Dock Service Areas: Southeastern MA and RI

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Extended Service Area: Depending on the scope of a project, Pioneer Mooring services areas beyond the locations listed above. We have successfully set up multiple mooring installations and dock construction projects up and down the eastern seaboard as far away as Florida.