Overview of Mooring Gear

In addition to our complete mooring, dock and swim float construction and installation services, Pioneer’s Mooring Shop offers boat owners various related components at low prices. We carry everything a boater needs to self-install a mooring at huge savings over traditional marine service firms and super stores alike. Pioneer technicians can also custom make to order entire mooring systems and individual items such as rope pendants with direct shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Below is a partial listing of components available for sale or installation:

A HELIX ANCHOR MOORING is eco-friendly, popular with SouthCoast & RI boaters, provide tremendous holding power value for the dollar and can be installed in most locations. Some harbors are now requiring helix anchors for boats in the 25 ft range. We have installed hundreds of helix moorings and can offer you a very competitive price. We only use the original 3-disk Helix marine anchor made in the US. Beware of knockoffs you that are made overseas.

Optionally, Pioneer can install a Helix Mooring for you alongside your existing mooring to further increase your boat’s safety.

Our technicians have also utilized Helix Anchors to replace pilings on waterfront docks as a cost effective alternative that eliminates concern for ice damage.

ANNE’S MUSHROOM ANCHORS are considered “best in class” among mushroom type mooring solutions ever-popular with boaters and Harbormasters worldwide.

Made in America and unlike imported mushroom anchors utilizing cast iron, they feature heavy-duty, all-steel material construction for unmatched performance, safety and durability.

Visit our website’s Anne’s Mushroom Anchors page for more technical information and related illustrations… read more

PYRAMID ANCHOR MOORINGS are available with weights from 100 to 4,000 pounds, perform equally well in either fresh or saltwater environments and can be used for boats, docks or buoys.

In fact, the Pyramid Anchor’s short shank design has been proven to provide more protection in shallow water conditions with far less chance of chain wrap-ups occurring.

They are also known for their quick-setting attributes.

ROPE PENDANTS are used to connect a boat to the mooring buoy. All Pioneer custom pendants are made with a 3-strand premium nylon marine rope and moveable chafe gear for added security. Pendants include a heavy-duty galvanized thimble on one end and an eye splice on the other to enhance the integrity of our designs. Pioneer Mooring also fabricates “Double Braid Pendants” assembled with double braid Protector Series Rope with a shock-absorbing core. Stop by our Mooring Shop to view the quality and durability differences of our custom made pendants.

MOORING BUOYS serve a dual function. They float your heavy bottom chain to the surface as well as increase holding power by absorbing the shock of heavy weather waves and wind. USCG marking regulations require a standard white ball with a single blue stripe.

Pioneer carries Taylor hard-skinned “tube-thru-center” construction buoys and heavy-duty hot-dipped steel mooring collars in various diameters.

MARKER BUOYS are used for numerous applications such as identifying underwater hazards, marking swim areas and no wake zones.

Pioneer Mooring Shop carries both standard and regulatory self-righting buoys that feature high performance, stability and visibility.

We also stock various buoy labels to suit your particular need.

WINTER STICKS are long tapered buoys which replace the round mooring ball during icy winter month conditions. Pioneer’s “commercial grade” winter sticks are sturdy, highly visible and professionally set to avoid ice conditions as well as contact by passing vessels.

Pioneer Mooring & Dock Service Areas: Southeastern MA and RI

Southeastern Massachusetts: Assonet MA, Bristol County MA, Berkley MA, Buzzards Bay MA, Dartmouth MA, Dighton MA, Fairhaven MA, Fall River MA, Freetown MA, Lakeville MA, Marion MA, Mattapoisett MA, Middleboro MA, Nantucket MA, New Bedford MA, Onset MA, Rochester MA, Swansea MA, Somerset MA, Taunton MA, Wareham MA, Westport MA.

Rhode Island: Bristol RI, Barrington RI, Little Compton RI, Middletown RI, Portsmouth RI, Tiverton RI

Extended Service Area: Depending on the scope of a project, Pioneer services areas beyond the locations listed above. We have successfully set up multiple mooring installations and dock construction projects up and down the eastern seaboard as far away as Florida.