Looking to build a custom dock or swim float… replace, repair or upgrade your existing one? Pioneer Mooring enjoys a quality reputation for designing, building, installing and maintaining residential and commercial docks and swim floats. Our docks and floats meet or exceed all governmental installation, safety and environmental regulations.

Pioneer Mooring also provides ongoing dock and swim float services including certified diver inspections; seasonal install, removal and storage plus repairs and maintenance. Call us for a FREE dock planning consultation and cost estimate.

Pioneer Mooring builds, repairs and maintains residential and commercial docks, as well as swim floats, for waterfront property owners; private marinas and municipal boating areas.

RESIDENTIAL BOAT DOCK CONSTRUCTION is a specialty service at Pioneer Mooring. Whether planning a new or replacing an unseaworthy dock for your oceanfront or lakefront home, we provide complete initial concept to certification inspection turnkey services.

At Pioneer, we recognize the majority of our private dock and swim float business is generated from “word-of-mouth” referrals by existing customers. They attest to our expertly-conceived designs, attention to detail craftsmanship, use of premium materials and superb follow-through service. Below are the typical expert services you can expect from a Pioneer custom built dock.

  • Dock Construction Planning is vital to attaining the boat suitability, lifestyle convenience and performance longevity objectives private dock owners seek for their shoreline properties. Pioneer’s complimentary initial consultation includes discussions on boat dockage requirements, family recreational needs, topography and environmental issues. We’ll also provide a FREE project cost estimate during our location inspection visit.
  • Dock Design and Permitting goes hand-in-hand during the concept development and construction preapproval stages. Pioneer Mooring will not only use its expertise in designing the custom dock and features you’re looking for, but also provide time-saving guidance to help expedite the often complex local, state and federal permitting process.
  • Boat Dock Construction & Installation excellence at a competitive price is a matter of professional pride with Pioneer’s team of experienced dock and swim float specialists. As certified marine divers and skilled seamen with extensive residential and commercial experience, we possess the advanced specialized knowledge, underwater techniques and installation equipment to exceed your expectations.
  • Hazelett Mooring Systems offer a significant cost-saving alternative over the traditional installation of pilings during new dock construction. Furthermore, if your current dock is being replaced primarily due to unsafe, worn pilings, Hazelett systems can provide needed stability without having to construct a completely new dock. Pioneer is pleased to say we are the area’s only boat dock construction and installation firm that utilizes this cost-saving approach. View our Hazelett Moorings page for more information.
  • Swim Float Construction & Installation from Pioneer assures a design customized to accommodate your waterfront location, boating and recreational activities. Our quality floats, access ramps and related amenities are built with proven premium materials made to endure all saltwater, lake or pond environments. Pioneer floats also feature superior one-piece, blow-molded drum technology for greater buoyancy, safety and longevity. Our swim float installations also include certified underwater inspection.
  • Dock / Swim Float Repairs & Maintenance Services provide quality workmanship to existing placements regardless of who originally constructed them. We offer private dock and swim float certified dive inspection and report documentation services that comply with mandated laws from local marine authorities. Due to dock / swim float size and high shoreline embankment issues, many Pioneer customers also choose to utilize our winter removal, towing and storage services. Call us for an instant quote.

Let Pioneer Mooring assist in the planning of your private dock or swim float. Call us to arrange a no-obligation consultation and FREE cost estimate at your convenience.


Traditional pile driving methodology requires a barge work platform that needs sufficient water depth from which to operate. Consequently, docks constructed within shallow water areas cannot utilize pilings as a support system. Pioneer custom dock installations incorporating a Hazelett Anchoring System provide safe and secure support regardless of shallow conditions.